Getting the most out of the layout system in Backdrop CMS

Facilitator(s) if known: 

For many Drupal 7 developers that move to Backdrop CMS, the most surprising difference they find between Drupal and Backdrop CMS is the layout system. In this session we'll pull up the layout page in a live screen share and walk though some of it's most important features. We'll also ask folks to share their own experiences with the Backdrop CMS layout system, what you like and don't like. And as a group, we'll do our best to answer any questions that folks bring with them to the session. 

  • How does the Backdrop CMS layout system work compared to Drupal 8?
  • Help me understand the new relationship between layouts and themes
  • What are flexible layouts and how to they work?
  • How do contexts work in Backdrop
  • How to use field blocks

This session will be introduced and facilitated by Tim Erickson, but we look forward to hearing from as many participants as possible.