Backdrop Live is designed to be highly interactive. Unlike most other online events, using slides and long demonstrations are discouraged.

Every scheduled session will be an open discussion on the provided topic. Everyone participating in a discussion will have the opportunity to speak as much or as little as they like.

There will be no lectures or presentations during the real-time event. If a particular topic has a presentation or lecture that goes along with it, videos of those materials will be made available before the online event begins. 

45-minute group conversations on a specific topic. Discussions do not need to be led by an expert on the provided topic, but the facilitator should be comfortable starting the conversation.

Pre-recorded videos of any length, usually including slides or demonstrations, commonly offered by experts on the subject. A Discussion on the same topic during the event is encouraged, but it should be used to talk about about the Presentation and invite deeper conversation.

Backdrop Live is an online conference designed to support and sustain the Backdrop community. It is also a great opportunity for people who are curious about Backdrop to learn more about the software and the community.


The mission of Backdrop CMS is to "enable people to build highly customized websites affordably, through collaboration and open source software."