What time does Backdrop LIVE happen?

Backdrop LIVE usually starts at 16:00 UTC / 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT.

This event happens in a 24-hour format. From start to finish, we repeat a cycle of 3 hours of discussions, followed by a 3-hour break.

Our goal is to ensure that there are convenient times for everyone attending from all around the globe. In practice, we have also found that this format is helpful for people attending during their workday, and also prevents Zoom-fatigue. We understand that this is an unusual format, but we hope that you will learn to appreciate the benefits as much as we do.

How do I join a discussion?

We will be using Zoom to hold all the discussions.

Details on how to join Zoom will be both emailed out, and posted on the website for registered attendees.  On the day of the event, each Discussion topic on the website will be updated with a link to the appropriate Zoom room. 

Will discussions be recorded?

Backdrop LIVE is intended to be a live and interactive event with a preference for discussions over presentations. To encourage participation and the sharing of personal experiences and knowledge during the event, we've made the decision that we will not record discussions.

We are experimenting with recorded sessions in Block B. The only sessions that we plan to (optionally) record are those in Block B.

We also offer pre-recorded presentations for people who would like to give a talk or lead a demonstration. A discussion on the same topic is welcome, but it should be limited to talking about the presentation, not repeating it.

Is this event covered by a Code of Conduct?

All Backdrop CMS activities both online and offline are covered by our Code of Conduct. If you are participating in Backdrop LIVE, be sure to read through the code of conduct and make sure that you are in agreement.

Are there scholarships available?

We want this event to be accessible to everyone. We've made registration for Backdrop Live a voluntary donation of $20 USD (no donation is required).

Please don't let finances get in the way of participating, you are more valuable to the community than the cost of any event.

How can I submit a session?

You can use this website to submit either a Discussion topic or a Presentation.

Discussions are the fundamental building block of Backdrop LIVE. You do not need to be an expert, anyone can suggest and facilitate a discussion topic, there is no formal selection process. Just let us know what you would like to talk about during your registration and if you are willing to facilitate the discussion. We'll help you schedule a time slot. 

If you need assistance, please find a conference organizer in our Zulip chat channel to help you schedule your discussion topic. 

Presentations should ideally be pre-recorded and submitted in advance, but we are also allowing them to be scheduled during Block B. Presentations during Block B will be recorded. Anyone can schedule a presentation, there is no selection process. 

Do all discussions have to be about Backdrop CMS?

No. This event is for people who are interested in Backdrop CMS, but they may also be exploring different technologies. We see three broad categories of content for Backdrop LIVE:

  • Backdrop CMS - will cater to current users of Backdrop CMS (this is for the folks who use Backdrop CMS or may use it in the future). Examples: 
    • Working with Layouts in Backdrop
    • Working with the Paragraphs Module
    • Moving Drupal sites to Backdrop CMS
  • Issue Queue/Community Conversations - for discussions that might fit into any of our Backdrop CMS issue queues (this is for the folks who build Backdrop CMS and the Backdrop CMS community). Examples:
    • Funding Backdrop Core Development
    • Config Recipes in Core
    • Update on Core Development
  • General - for content that isn't specific to any particular CMS (This one is for everyone)
    • Accessibility 
    • Google Analytics
    • Freelancer Roundtable

Are there standard sessions at Backdrop LIVE?

Backdrop LIVE usually starts in the first block with a welcome session that explains the event. We usually follow that with a Introduction to Backdrop CMS discussion for people who are new to Backdrop and are curious about the project. 

In the second block, we almost always have a set of three "Backdrop for Beginners" discussions, where we cover three of the most important concepts for building websites using Backdrop: Content Types & Fields, Views, and Layouts. 

At the end of the last block, we almost always have a "Closing Session" where people can share their favorite part of the event, and where we decide on the dates for the next one. 

Beyond these standard sessions, all discussions will be up to the attendees of any given event, and what they would like to learn or share with the group.