• Reply to: Contrib Modules or Themes - Lightning Talks   2 months 1 week ago

    Not sure where to put this...

    Many of my D7 modules rely on adding controls to existing settings pages, and looking to porting to Backdrop CMS I wonder what the strategy is for doing this sort of thing without the page array.

  • Reply to: Upgrading To Backdrop CMS From Drupal 7   2 months 1 week ago

    I need to port a D7 site that makes heavy use of

    • paragraphs and ckeditor
    • subscriptions and mail_edit (I'm the Drupal author/maintainer)
    • forum_access (dito, apparently ported)
    • roleassign (dito, thanks for putting it into core :-))
    • fullcalendar
    • webform
    • a theme based on less and superfish

    I have no experience with Backdrop yet, and I'm trying to estimate the required effort...

  • Reply to: Stanford joins the Backdrop community!   2 months 1 week ago

    This is really cool! We are so happy to have the folks at Stanford as part of the Backdrop CMS community. 

  • Reply to: Organic Groups (Past, Present, Future)   2 months 1 week ago

    @laryn, thanks for your message. Hope you can attend. But agreed in any case that we should take notes.

  • Reply to: The Business of Backdrop   2 months 1 week ago

    I was once told by a Drupal colleague that he wasn't sure how seriously to take Backdrop until he saw businesses and developers that were dependent upon it's success for their livelihood.

    We already have a number of developers in our community that make significant portions of their income working with Backdrop. But, in my view we need to see more Backdrop based businesses promoting Backdrop and helping to build it's infrastructure. 

    Triplo has been working on a SASS idea based upon Backdrop CMS - https://simplo.site/

    I'd like feedback on Simplo.site as a product AND as importantly, where it fits in the Backdrop community. I'd also like to hear more about how others are making a living by working with Backdrop and how we better support the Backdrop business community.