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Block E - Slot 14

Slot 14: 9:00 am America/Los_Angeles - April 5, 2024

During a discussion on bee during the last Backdrop Live, there was discussion around the site alias functionality that drush has, which would enable bee to perform actions on remote installs of Backdrop.  Given that drush support for Backdrop is likely to end with the Drupal 7 End of Life I think that ensuring this functionality is available for bee going forward is becoming more and more important. I would like to explore with people who used the functionality in drush and/or would like to use it in bee AND can contribute some expertise into how this might be done.

Perhaps, it will be straightforward with the right minds and through a hive of activity we'll get it done? Or perhaps we'll just get an outline of how to do it and some volunteers to help make it happen?

Intended Audience: 
  • Experienced
  • Developers (yes code)
  • Technical (even if no code)