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Backdrop CMS is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy and a representative of the conservancy will be with us for a discussion about the SFC, their relationship with Backdrop CMS, and the other work that they do. 

According to their website:

A major component of Conservancy's work to advance software freedom is through its work to provide non-profit infrastructure and services to its member projects. Conservancy's goal is to handle all the parts of advocacy, leadership, organization and coordination other than actual development of the software and documentation. By handling all these details, Conservancy allows its member project developers to focus on what they do best: writing, improving and documenting FLOSS.

The Software Freedom Conservancy recently announced their "Give up Github" campaign which involves asking member organizations and other open source software projects to give up Github. Backdrop CMS currently has over 900 repositories on Github. This might be a good time for us to have a conversation about this situation. 

Intended Audience: 
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