Planning and Prep for your Next Backdrop Project

Facilitator(s) if known: 

What tools and processes do you use when planning a Backdrop (or any CMS) project?

Developer and designer collaboration. 

Block C - Slot 7

7pm July 9th, UTC -8 (Oakland, Seattle)
9pm July 9th, UTC -6 (Chicago, Dallas, Managua)
10pm July 9th, UTC -5 (New York, Miama)
11pm July 9th, UTC -3 (Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago)
4am July 10th, UTC +1 (Berlin, Oslo, Madrid, Johannesburg, Cairo)
5am July 10th, UTC +2 (Beruit, Athens)
11am July 10th, UTC +9 (Tokyo, Seoul)
Noon July 10th, UTC +10 (Sydney)

Room 2