Collaborating on larger Contrib projects

What is the best way for us to collaborate on larger Contrib projects?

  • Is GitHub adequate
  • Use the GitHub Discussions feature
  • Use a Project management system
  • Use the same system as the Devs for Core
  • Something else

Leaving a large contributed module to one or two developers has many pitfalls, so I would like to facilitate a discussion on how best to collaborate when larger projects become popular... one module that springs to mind is Ubercart with 124 active installs.

Backdrop for Beginners - Layouts

The layout system in Backdrop CMS is a powerful system for building custom pages. In this session, we'll walk through the process of creating custom layouts. 

Some topics we will include:

  • How layouts work
    • Visibility conditions
  • Blocks
    • Custom blocks
  • Flexible layout templates
  • Field blocks
  • Tips for managing your header and footer across many layouts
    • Mini Layouts
    • Copy Blocks module


Backdrop for Beginners - Content Types and Fields

This session is intended for the absolute Backdrop beginner. We'll introduce you to one of the fundamental building blocks of Backdrop CMS, custom content types and fields. 

  • What are Content Types and Fields
  • How to create custom Content Types
  • How to create custom Fields
  • Types of fields
    • Text
    • Number
    • Reference
    • Boolean
    • Date
    • Image
    • Link
    • File

Solr, Lando, and Backdrop

I recently began trying to learn more about Solr search.  I found old instructions on getting Solr to work with Drupal 8 locally using Lando.  After getting that working I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with Backdrop.  It turns out that it isn't that different.  Come learn how to setup Solr search to begin experimenting and learning more.

CiviCRM and Backdrop

Given interest in Backdrop and CiviCRM (based on CiviCRM usage stats of recent months) I thought it might be worth opening a room up for conversation on that topic. I don't plan to have a big presentation but I do still have the demo site that I built for the session I did at Backdrop Live in September 2020, so I'll dust that off. The video below was recorded during that session so we don't have to redo it completely but folks can bring questions and things to share about things that were covered in that session or about the topic in general.