Ubercart in Backdrop is looking amazing!

Several members of the Backdrop community have devoted their time and knowledge to making this happen - working on coding, integrations and documentation.  Why not spin up a site on Backdrop, and test out this user-friendly set of modules.

We are hoping to hear from

A Nonprofit Case Study - D7 Upgrade to Backdrop CMS with Paragraphs

The Friends of the Mississippi have been using Drupal for a long time and have accumulated 1000's of pieces of content (nodes). Their website is an important tool in their daily efforts to engage with the community to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) region. 

Upgrading To Backdrop CMS From Drupal 7

During this discussion we'll talk about the process for upgrading from Drupal (6 or 7) to Backdrop CMS, share experiences and answer questions.

John Romine has agreed to share his recent experiences with some upgrades and do a demo. 

If you have specific questions, feel free to post them here in the comments so that we can all come prepared with answers. 

Using ProboCI For Backdrop Developer and User Testing

ProboCI is an open source platform for the testing, debugging, and collaborating on web based projects for Backdrop CMS, Drupal, Wordpress and any PHP based project. It operates on pull requests and generates specific build environments that can be scripted and standardized to provide a uniform way to do both automated and manual testing of modules and interfaces.

Advanced Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS Migrations

We'll discuss what a migration is and is not, various ways of migrating data, and whatever anyone wants to talk about up related to migrating.

I do not plan on going through an actual migration, as showing a migration UI in progress tells no one anything, and creating the migration that would be done in the UI would take more than the allotted time to do.

Feel free to leave comments stating what specific migration related questions you have and/or topics you want to discuss.