To bee or not to bee?

... that is the question!

This is an intermediate discussion for those who have some experience of managing Backdrop or Drupal with command line tools such as bee, brush and/or drush. It is NOT about command line tools for beginners.

There are three command line tools to support the installation and management of Backdrop websites:

  • bee
  • brush
  • drush (backdrop extension)

Bee, formerly knows as Backdrop Console is inspired by drush and is under active development

Brush, is no longer being maintained in favour of bee

Google Analytics

At Triplo, we've been getting more and more specific Google Analytics requests and we're trying to increase our level of expertise. We're happy to share the limited knowledge we have, but are hoping that others will bring their own experiences and lessons learned to share with us. 

Some of the questions we'd like to see addressed:

Welcome Session

This is the opening plenary session, where we all come together and officially kick-off Backdrop LIVE. 

This will be an interactive session with everyone involved, we will be asking participants introduce themselves and share a few thoughts on what they hope to learn or share at Backdrop LIVE. 

We will also be using this time to collectively fill out the schedule and make adjustments based upon the identified needs and questions of those in attendance.