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Block B - Slot 4

Slot 4: 2:00 pm America/Los_Angeles - April 4, 2024

Ubercart in Backdrop is looking amazing!

Several members of the Backdrop community have devoted their time and knowledge to making this happen - working on coding, integrations and documentation.  Why not spin up a site on Backdrop, and test out this user-friendly set of modules.

We are hoping to hear from

  • Developers who can share their expertise on Ubercart or Commerce in either Backdrop or Drupal
  • Front end users who want to upgrade from one of the Drupal ecommerce options
  • Anyone thinking of setting up a product-based ecommerce website or showroom
  • Anyone who would like to show off a working example of Backdrop Ubercart

Some topics we are considering:

  • Customizing products with product attributes - best practice
  • Importing and exporting products for price updates
  • Managing and tracking orders
  • Options for existing and custom payment gateways
  • Adapting Ubercart for a showroom (no pricing and cart)
  • Adapting Ubercart for wholesalers (logged in users and/or discounted pricing)
  • Adapting Ubercart for event and appointment bookings
  • Adapting Ubercart for selling services
Intended Audience: 
  • All skill levels


I would love to join this session but am not able to due to another commitment. My particular interest is in using Ubercart to sell a monthly membership subscription that grants access (via a role) to premium content.

Will the session be recorded and made available later?

Thanks, Martin.