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Block E - Slot 15

Slot 15: 10:00 am America/Los_Angeles - September 23, 2023


Bee is the command line tool for Backdrop that is developed specifically for Backdrop and is being actively developed. It runs on Linux based systems (including MacOS) but not Windows.  It has a number of functions in common with Drush and Brush but there are a few key gaps.

Possible discussion points

  • What can you use Bee for in deployments?
  • Can I write my own bee commands?
  • Can I add a bee function to my module?
  • Tips for using bee in bash?

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Intended Audience: 
Back-End Developers (modules + more)
Technical (even if no code)


I think it would be good to go over the similarities and differences between Bee and Drush. (I do not think it is important to spend a lot of time on Brush.) People familiar with Drupal, but not Backdrop, will likely be familiar with Drush, and coming from that view point to describe what Bee is, how to use it, etc. will be beneficial for those people.

I'll be relying on others for differences; my use of drush was fairly limited in D7 and non-existent in Backdrop.

We do try, where we are doing a comparable command to include the same aliases and, where feasible and sensible, arguments and options.