Module Showcase

Have you ported or created a module that you want to share? Perhaps you are excited about a module that you've recently discovered and think it deserves a bit of a celebration?

This event is open for anyone to share about a module.  I'll be sharing a few that I've done; hopefully others will too.

Collaborating on larger Contrib projects

What is the best way for us to collaborate on larger Contrib projects?

  • Is GitHub adequate
  • Use the GitHub Discussions feature
  • Use a Project management system
  • Use the same system as the Devs for Core
  • Something else

Leaving a large contributed module to one or two developers has many pitfalls, so I would like to facilitate a discussion on how best to collaborate when larger projects become popular... one module that springs to mind is Ubercart with 124 active installs.

Commerce solutions for Backdrop

In Drupal 7 there were many ways to setup e-commerce sites, and lots of sites were setup with each of those options. Ubercart has been ported and has a lot of other modules to extend it, but many others are not ported yet or are only available with minimal or partially ported features.

Come discuss the commerce options that are available for site owners and what we can do to make more options available.

The Business of Backdrop

Are you a business making some or all your income from Backdrop related services?

Are you an organisation wanting to know how you can contribute to funding the development of Backdrop modules?

Then this discussion may be for you?


Many within the Backdrop Community are businesses making their money from developing Backdrop websites.

Organic Groups (Past, Present, Future)

There is currently an effort being made to port the Organic Groups module from Drupal 7. This is a large and complex module, but important to many sites. In this session, we'll talk about:

  • What the Organic Groups module does and why it's important to the community
  • The progress of the port 
  • If the work is ongoing, how we can work together to expedite completion
  • If the work is complete, what we learned from the experience

Using ProboCI For Backdrop Developer and User Testing

ProboCI is an open source platform for the testing, debugging, and collaborating on web based projects for Backdrop CMS, Drupal, Wordpress and any PHP based project. It operates on pull requests and generates specific build environments that can be scripted and standardized to provide a uniform way to do both automated and manual testing of modules and interfaces.