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The Friends of the Mississippi have been using Drupal for a long time and have accumulated 1000's of pieces of content (nodes). Their website is an important tool in their daily efforts to engage with the community to protect, restore and enhance the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) region. 

As we planned for their upgrade, we looked at both Drupal 9 and Backdrop CMS and decided that we deliver more improvements for a smaller budget with Backdrop CMS and that we would introduce them to Paragraphs to help with their changing editorial needs. 

The project is nearly done, but is not likely to launch prior to Backdrop LIVE. However, join with us at Backdrop LIVE as we take a sneak peek at their new Backdrop CMS site, our implementation of Paragraphs, our first use of the new User Guide Recipe, and discuss the upgrade process. 

Intended Audience: 
All skill levels